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At Double Dan Horsemanship USA 

We understand that each horse is unique, and their training needs vary. Whether you have a young horse in need of a solid foundation or a seasoned companion facing behavioral challenges, our horse training program can provide you with a solution to get you closer to your goals and bring out the best in your horse.

Horses in Training

  • All Breeds, Disciplines, and Ages
  • Tailored training programs to enhance skills and performance.

Colt Starting

  • Minimum of 8 Weeks
  • A comprehensive program focusing on laying a strong foundation for young horses.

Problem Horses

  • Ridden Problems, Ground Work, Handling Issues
  • Customized solutions to address and overcome behavioral challenges.

Liberty Horse Training

  • Experience the Freedom of Connection
  • Explore a unique training approach emphasizing communication and trust.

Dan's Training Season 2024

  • March to December
  • Limited spots available‚ÄĒfirst come, first serve.

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Disclaimer: Double Dan Horsemanship reserves the right to select horses based on availability. Limited spots are available for the 2024 season. Book early to secure your training spot.